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Frequently Asked Organizer Questions
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1. What are the types of services that are offered by Clutter Organizers?
We offer CMS - Content Management Systems - for businesses, residential, and estates. These services include, but not limited to; cleaning, sorting, disposing, containerizing, shipping, storing, appraising, space planning, selling or auctioning valuable items, and designing organized systems for business or residential space.

2. How much money does Clutter Organizers charge for the organzing work they perform?
Each job is individually evaluated based on what it takes to complete the request. Cleaning and sorting through a storage unit can be very different from your Uncle Hermit that did not throw anything away since 1932. File management systems to business systems create different requirements than residential systems, so therefore each client and their needs meet different standards. We will schedule a site evaluation to further assess your request.

3. Can Clutter Organizers come out and clean my elderly motherís house?
Your mother may have the best intentions, but it may be a fire hazard to her health. Many times, we will aid senior citizens with respect to the wishes of a close relative. Mom or Dad may have a hard time parting with their many belongings they have spent a lifetime acquiring. We show the utmost respect in consulting with family members about downsizing.

4. I am moving and need all my belongings put into storage. Can you help?
The real estate agent has told you itís time to get the clutter out of your home that is on the market. The evaluation is that the house needs curb appeal and all of the
outdated lawn furniture needs to go. We can arrange to sort, purge, containerize, and store your belongings, to help you to increase the visual value of your home that is for sale in the Real Estate market.

5. The estate my uncle left me is a mess. Does Clutter Organizers sort through years of hoarding and collecting?
We will do a site evaluation to make recommendations on how to manage the estate that was left for you to handle.

6. Can you sort and appraise valuables and dispose of the other non-valuable things?
The valuable contents will be appraised, and arrangements can be made to liquidate these possessions through a complete buyout to auctioning onsite. We DO NOT work for any liquidation company, so your estate possessions will be handled to receive fair market value.
All non-valuable items can be donated to the charity of your choice. Arrangements will be made for all trash to be removed either with an onsite dumpster or removal by truck to the waste refuse.

7. I only have a month to get this mess straighten out before my relative arrives. Will I be able to schedule right away?
We can schedule an onsite evaluation within 48 hours in most cases. We write the arrangements for the CMS - Content Management System - and start as soon as the client allows.

8. My business filing system is overwhelming. I have a home-based business, will you consult with my company.
Many times a client comes to us with a request to finally straighten out a mess of losing valuable paperwork.

One contractor we worked with ran his business out of his home and stored all of his companyís important documents on a computer the other family members shared.
No wonder that RFP - Request for Proposal - disappeared after his 7 year old got on the computer.

We can help develop a safeguard for your computer filing system by having backups and other systems put in place that can work for your business. Paper filing systems can be instituted in an organized fashion that compliments your computer system.

9. We need help with keeping the place straight after it is cleaned and clutter free. Are there regular visits from Clutter Organizers that we can schedule?
We strive to help you keep things in order after we leave with our easy to follow
CMS- Content Management System. This easy to follow system creates a focus on the systemic reasons for being disorganized and aims to provide a system to help you keep your belongings organized.
Consulting on maintenance can be provided on an individual basis.

Remember: There is no perfect organizing system,
but there is one that can work for you!

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